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  • Acorn Translations’ aim is to offer all our clients not just a quality translation service, but a total package.

  • It is our aim to build a long-term relationship with every client. We would build translation teams familiar with your work, along with a glossary of preferred terms to be used within your translation and an archive of all completed translations.

  • We encourage feedback from our clients in a constant effort to maintain our translation standards.

  • Acorn Translations can offer our clients any form of reporting procedures they may require. For example, we could issue a quarterly report providing details of the translation jobs undertaken, the amount of words translated, the costs involved and the work giver who requested the translation.

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  • It is Acorn Translations’ goal to respond to any request for a quotation within two hours.

  • All quotations will be issued in writing by Email.

  • Acorn Translations is available to its clients outside normal office hours, via diverted telecommunications to an on-call mobile.

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      • Acorn Translations provide translation of patents, claims and descriptions. Our most requested languages are French, German and Japanese into and from English.

      • We know how important it is to have a patent accurately translated. This is why we only use professional patent translators who translate into their mother tongue.

        • Acorn Translations provide translation of legal documents in all language combinations. Our most requested languages are French, German, Italian & Spanish into and from English.

        • Our team of legal translators are fully versed in all kinds of legal documents, such as contracts, agreements, judgements, opinions, pleadings, statements & writs, to name but a few.

        • We know how important it is to have a legal document accurately translated. This is why we only use professional legal translators who translate into their mother tongue.

          • Ad Hoc Interpreting

            This is the method of interpreting used for small meetings and site visits and is the least formal method of interpreting.

          • Courts Interpreter

            This is undertaken by a professional court interpreter who is familiar with court procedures and surroundings. Working in a court environment can be quite overwhelming for those who are not experienced in how a court works.

          • Whisper Interpreting

            This is as it sounds; an interpreter accompanies a client or small group (1-3) to a meeting and softly relays what other members are saying to the client.

          • Consecutive Interpreting

            This is normally used in a presentation environment or small business meeting e.g. the interpreter waits for the speaker to complete a sentence or few phrases before conveying their meaning to the audience in the required language.

          • Simultaneous Interpreting

            This is a little more involved and is most commonly used when there are many different languages present. For example, you may have seen simultaneous interpreting in action at the United Nations, where there are many leaders from different countries who each speak a different language. Simultaneous interpreting requires Interpreters working in teams of 2 in sound-proofed booths. Interpreters interpret what the speaker is saying as they speak into a microphone, hearing this on their headsets and relay it to the designated delegates (in real time) who are also listening through headsets.

          • Voice-Over

            We can supply a voice-over artist to record a new foreign language version of any of your existing corporate or training videos. We can also arrange the studio facilities where the voice -over will be recorded.

            • Acorn Translations can supply you with a fast and accurate translation from a professional mother tongue translator. General translations come from many different areas and can comprise of tenders, reports, presentations and web pages, to name but a few. For translations involving a specific field of work (e.g. legal or patent translation), please take a look at the translation options above.

            • We are able to translate to and from almost any language thanks to our database of professional translators.

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                    • Acorn Translations’ database of translators and interpreters is made up entirely of professional native speakers, who only translate into their mother tongue, in their specialised subject area of translation. This ensures complete accuracy of the translation in every respect – factually, grammatically, idiomatically and linguistically.

                    • Our database of over 2,000 professional translators is broken down into language and specialisation areas, with a glossary of terms built for clients’ specific translation requirements.

                    • All the translators we use are highly professional translators and hold the appropriate translation qualifications, being members of translation affiliated bodies and having many years of proven translating experience. Many of our translators specialise in a particular field, (such as patent, law, finance and insurance), as well as translating general commercial texts.

                        • Translation qualification(s)

                        • 2 years or more commercial translation experience

                        • 2 company references

                        • 3-6 month sponsorship period

Some of Our Stats in Numbers and We’re still counting

16 Years of successful Business
More than 300 Clients worlwide
over 30 overseas clients
Over 4800 Patents translated
Over 1700 legal translations
Over 100 Interpreting assignments
Over 500 general translations
Over 7000 translations completed
over 20 million words translated

We speak your language

Acorn Translations is a provider of professional translation and multilingual communication. For more than 16 years, we have been the language partner of choice for patent firms, law firms, insurance companies, technology companies and government agencies. Acorn Translations offers a full range of quality language solutions for your business communication needs with exceptional and personalised customer service, worldwide and 24/7.
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