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Patent filings at all-time high

The European Patent Office broke their existing annual record of patent filings after more than 273,110 new patent filings were submitted in 2014.


Release of patents

In January 2015, Toyota released just under 6,000 hydrogen-powered car patents into the public domain.


Intellectual property investment

Investment in assets such as intellectual property increased by more than 10 per cent between 2009 and 2011 to £137.5 billion, according to Government figures.


Good wishes for 2014

Acorn Translations would like to wish all its clients a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Anybody who did not receive a mouse mat and would like one, please let us know.


Quiz – Summer Muse

Thank you to all those who took part in the quiz in our recent Summer Muse.

We are pleased to announce that the first six correct entries drawn at random were from:

Ian Norton, Paul Smith, Carole Burn, Steve Tulley, Jane Moss and Jackie Day.

They will each shortly receive a £25 M&S voucher.


A Barcode Bargain!

The invention of the barcode was a revolution in retail checkouts around the globe. Each barcode holds individual, concise information about its product and barcodes are reputedly used around five billion times each day.

The patent was filed in 1952 by Norman Woodland, who invented the barcode, and Bernard Silver under the title ‘Classifying Apparatus and Method’ but because the scanner required to read the barcode was so expensive, it went no further at that time.

Eventually, the patent for the barcode was sold to an American electronics firm for $15,000 (around £9,000) and this was all the money that Norman Woodland and Bernard Silver ever made from the invention of the barcode.


Apple’s court battle with Samsung

Samsung have been ordered to pay Apple $1.06 billion (approx £665 million) in damages after a US court battle in respect of intellectual property infringement.

The jury’s decision in this case was that Apple software and design patents had been infringed by some of Samsung’s devices.

Apple intend to request bans on imports of these products into the US, although Samsung are expected to appeal the court decision.


How is the Translation business?

Statistics show that if any industry could be considered recession-proof, then interpreting and translation may be one, particularly with the increase of cross border trade and business. Indeed, in the US alone, a recent report projected a large growth in translation and interpreting between 2010 and 2020, much larger than average business growth.
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Communicating with Dolphins

As has been widely reported over many years, it has long been suspected that dolphins, as well as having the ability to understand our language, have their own language and method of communication with each other.

Dolphins have large brains and it is believed their capacity for reasoned behaviour is similar to that of humans. They communicate using sounds such as clicks and whistles but it is only recently that marine biologists have begun to have an idea of what these communications may mean.
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Sale of Eastman Kodak patents

It has been reported in the press that Eastman Kodak have received approval to sell off its digital patents, at auction.

Regulations are being put in place which will control the bidding process for around 1,100 of these patents. The total estimate is $2.6bn.

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