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Confidentiality Agreement


For the provision of translation and other language related services (“the Services”)

hereinafter referred to as (“the Client”).

Acorn Translations Limited, Acorn House, 2 Franklin Place, Stotfold, Bedfordshire SG5 4GT
hereinafter referred to as (“the Company”).

  1. The Company acknowledges that all documentation made available or disclosed to it by the Client shall remain the exclusive property of the Client and recognises that such documentation is confidential and proprietary to the Client and shall be treated as such and shall not be disclosed to a third party, save as provided in Clause 4 hereunder or as required by any applicable laws, without the prior written consent of the Client. The Company undertakes to return all such documentation at the request of the Client and, in any event, upon conclusion of the Company’s need thereof.
  2. The Company undertakes to treat all information not in the public domain that it may become a party to as a result of providing the Services to the Client and its associates, including the existence of the request for the Services, the names of the parties involved and any information contained in or which otherwise reflects the information in the documentation received from the Client, (the “Information”) as confidential and further undertakes that such Information shall not be disclosed to a third party, save as provided in Clause 4 below, without the prior written consent of the Client.
  3. By signing this undertaking the Company undertakes to relinquish its rights in the Services to the Client once all claims against the Client have been met.
  4. The Company hereby discloses that it may subcontract all or part of the Services provided to the Client. In such event the Company will use its best endeavours to ensure that all of its Subcontractors, to whom disclosure of the Information is made, act in accordance with the terms of this Confidentiality Undertaking as if each were a party hereto.


Signed for and on behalf of Acorn Translations Limited.



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